Allen Shawn: Etudes Book III (2018)

Allen Shawn, piano Performance: April 6, 2019 Video by Paing Sett Hein (Sound is unedited. Visuals are lightly edited.) Etudes-Book III comprises etudes 19-27, and completes the work begun with Etudes book I and II, each of which also contains nine etudes.

Allen Shawn-Five Piano Sonatas–booklet


Allen Shawn: CELLO MUSIC (release date May 1, 2016)
Suite for Cello Quartet (1989)
Serenade for Cello and piano (1990)
Blues and Boogie (1991)
Five Miniatures (2011)
Three Pieces (2011)
Maxine Neuman, cello
Allen Shawn, piano
Duo Cellissimo (Mark Humburg, Maxine Neuman)
Bennington Cello Quartet (Tom Calabro, Maxine Neuman, Michael Severens, Jared Shapiro)

Allen Shawn Piano Works Julia Bartha, Piano
Allen Shawn: Piano Works–Julia Bartha, Piano
[Coviello Classics-2014]
“This recent recording offers an immersion into Mr. Shawn’s piano music, played brilliantly by Julia Bartha. The works range from “Aus/From: Four Jazz Preludes,” composed in 1980 for his father,  to his Piano Sonata No. 4 (2009), dedicated to Ms. Bartha. You hear lots of styles in Mr. Shawn’s voice: moody atonality, hints of Janacek, thickly chromatic lyricism, Messiaen-like cluster chords, rhythmic bursts that out-pummel Prokofiev. Yet Mr. Shawn’s own voice comes through in the deliberate, skillful, personal way he composes these pieces. And they are dazzlingly conceived for the piano. But none of the challenges daunt the impressive Ms. Bartha.”
—Anthony Tommasini, New York Times
Poetry into Song CD
Allen Shawn: Music to Robert Frost (1995) commissioned by L’Ensemble for soprano, violin and piano .
Ida Faiella, soprano
Barry Finclair, violin
Allen Shawn, piano
Allen Shawn: Romances for violin and piano (1996)
Barry Finclair, violin
Allen Shawn, piano
(CD also contains music by Heidi Jacob)
Available from L’Ensemble:
Allen Shawn: Piano Concerto
Ursula Oppens, piano; Albany Symphony Orchestra; David Alan Miller, conductor.
Albany Records CD Troy 441
Allen Shawn: Piano Works
Four Jazz Preludes | Growl | Preludes 3, 4 and 5 | Letter to a Friend | Reveries 2 and 3 | Tango | Three Dance Portraits *with Daniel Eptein
Albany Records CD Troy 317
Allen Shawn: Piano Music Vol. II
Piano Sonata No. 2 | Messages | Piano Sonata No. 3 | Nostalgic Pieces | Three Elegieso
Allen Shawn and John Van Buskirk, Pianos
Albany Records CD Troy 1049
Allen Shawn: Piano Music Vol. III
Piano Sonata No. 4 | Recollections | Nocturne for Y | Piano Sonata No. 1 Daniel Epstein, Allen Shawn and Yoshiko Sato, pianos
Albany Records CD Troy 1346
Allen Shawn: Chamber Music
String Quartet No. 4 | Childhood Scenes | Candles | Episodes for cello and piano | Cabaret Music
Steve Klimowski, clarinet; Curtis Macomber, violin; Maxine Neuman, cello; Yoshiko Sato, piano; Allen Shawn, piano; Music from Salem Quartet.
Albany Records CD Troy 777
The Ceiling of Heaven: Music by Donald Crockett and Allen Shawn
Shawn: Sleepless Night (for String Quartet)
Shawn: Wind Quintet No. 2
Daniel Epstein, Allen Shawn and Yoshiko Sato, pianos
Albany Records CD Troy 1346
New American Masters Vol. II
Shawn: Three Nightscapes
Palisades Virtuosi: Margaret Swinchoski, flute; Donald Mokrynski, clarinet; Ron Levy, piano.
Albany Records CD Troy 1022
Available from as well as Amazon and other outlets:
Mosh Pit
ZOFO Keisuke Nakagoshi and Eva-Maria Zimmermann.
Dorian Sono Luminus DSL92167
Shawn: Three Dance Portraits
Available from Bridge Records, Inc. as well as Amazon and other outlets:
The Music Teacher — an Opera Libretto by Wallace Shawn
Wallace Shawn, Parker Posey, Sarah Wolfson, Jason Forbach,
Rebecca Robbins, Jeffrey Picon
Conductor Timothy Long
Bridge Records CD 9248
The following recordings are out of print, but can sometimes be found on Amazon and elsewhere:
Divertimento—Music for Winds
Shawn: Woodwind Quintet (No.1)
Aspen Wind Quintet : Barli Nugent, flute; Claudia Coonce, oboe; David Krakauer, clarinet; Celeste-Marie Roy, bassoon; Kaitlin Mahony, horn.
Bay Cities BCD 1030
Allen Shawn: Sextet and other Works
Blues and Boogie
Piano Trio
Sextet for Piano and Winds
Song of the Tango Bird
Aspen Wind Quintet—Barli Nugent, flute;Robert Ingliss, oboe; Todd Levy, clarinet; Chris Komer, horn; Susan Heineman, bassoon; Ursula Oppens, piano; Joanna Jenner, violin; Maxine Neuman, cello;; Elizabeth Wright, piano; Su Lian Tan, flute; Allen Shawn, piano.
Northeastern Classical Arts NR 258-CD
Allen Shawn: Trio-Eclogue-Winter Sketchbook
Eclogue for two pianos
Trio for clarinet, cello and piano
Winter Sketchbook for violin and piano
Joanna Jenner,violin; David Krakauer, clarinet; Maxine Neuman, cello; Allen Shawn, Elizabeth Wright, pianos.
Cello Quartets of the Twentieth Century
Shawn: Suite for Cello Quartet
Bennington Cello Quartet: Maxine Neuman, Tom Calabro, Michael Severens, Jared Shapiro, cellos