In The Dark Soprano, Tenor, Chamber Ensemble (7 players) (1976). text:Wallace Shawn.35′.(1rst perf.Barbara Ann Martin.Howard Hensel.Lenox Art Center,Lenox,Mass.)1977
Jazz Suite(1977) piano solo 13’
Six Pieces for violin and piano (1977).8′.1978
Cabaret Music for clarinet,violin, cello and piano (1978). Galaxy Music.8′.(1rst perf. The Composer’s Ensemble. Carnegie Recital Hall,N.Y.C.)
Nocturnes for piano and chamber orchestra (1978).Galaxy Music.20′.
(1rst perf.A.Shawn and the Vermont Symphony, cond.Ephraim Guigui.)1979
Movements for violin and piano (1979).15′.(1rst perf.Curtis Macomber,A.Shawn.Mannes College of Music,N.Y.C.).1980
Four Jazz Preludes (1980). piano solo. Galaxy Music 14′(1rst perf.,A.Shawn.,New York Cultural Center).
Improvisations No.1 and No.2 piano solo (1980).12′.(1rst perf.A.Shawn,St.Stephens Church, N.Y.C.)1981
Songs from the Mandrake (1981). 15’. Machiavelli/ tr. Wallace Shawn.
String Quartet No.2 (1981).16′.(1rst perf.the Cremona String Quartet.Wave Hill Concert Series,N.Y.C.).
Summer Pages for flute, oboe and harpsichord (1981).Galaxy Music.13′.
(1rst perf. Norell-Siebert-Lucarelli Trio.Merkin Hall,N.Y.C.)

Piano Sonata (1982) 25 ‘.piano solo(1rst perf. A.Shawn.)

Concerto for clarinet, cello and orchestra (1983). Galaxy Music. 25′.
Nine Pieces (1983) 16′ piano solo
Jete for clarinet, bassoon and french horn.(1983).6′.(1rst perf. Composers Forum of the East).
Autumnal Song for violin and orchestra (1983). Galaxy Music. 15′.
(1rst perf.Marilyn Dubow and the Sage City Symphony,cond.Louis
The Music Teacherlibretto by Wallace Shawn.(1983).1hr30′.
(unproduced music theater work.).
The Fisherman’s Song (1983). 4’. text by Jamaica Kincaid. (voice and pno)
Lonely Rag; Little Boogie Woogie; Pas de Deux. piano solos. (1983/rev. 99).

Valentine (1984) Galaxy Music.4′ piano solo.(1rst. per. Elizabeth Wright.)
Improvisation No.3 piano solo (1984).Galaxy Music.4′.(1rst perf.A.Shawn).
Dialogue piano right hand (1984),4′.(1rst perf. Lionel Nowak)
Trio for clarinet,cello and piano (1981-84).GunMar Music.22′.(1rst perf. Claudia Friedlander,Maxine Neuman,A.Shawn.)

Dance Music for Two Harpsichords (1985) 16′.(1rst perf.Lucinda Childs Dance Co.,Joyce Theater,N.Y.C.)
Woodwind Quintet (1985).Galaxy Music.14′.(1rst perf. Aspen Wind Quintet Hartt School of Music,Hartford,Conn.).
Three Songs for flute and piano (1985).12′.(1rst perf. Sue Ann Kahn,A.Shawn.)
Sonatina (1985).10′.piano solo(1rst perf. A.Shawn)

Four Songs to poems by Frederick Seidel (1986) 25′. (1rst. perf by Sussanah Waters, A. Shawn; Bennington College.)
Chorale for eight celli (1986) 4′.
Divertimento for clarinet and piano (1986).12′.(1rst perf.Claudia Friedlander,A.Shawn.)

Partita for oboe and piano (1987).17′.(1rst perf. John Ferillo,Marc Shapiro.Juilliard School of Music,N.Y.C.). pub. TrevCo Music
Alleluia and Agnus Dei SATB and pno (1987).5′.(1rst perf.Bennington College Chorus.)
Invocation for brass quintet.(1987).7′.
Humoresque piano solo (1987).4′. (1rst perf.A.Shawn)
Tango (1987) 4′ piano solo (1rst perf. A.Shawn).
Symphony in Three Parts (1987).Galaxy Music.21′. (1rst performances: Atlanta Ballet Company (score for ballet “Escape” choreography by Lynn Taylor-Corbet); Greenwich Symphony/cond. David Gilbert).
Concertino for flute and strings (1987).Galaxy Music.15′. (1rst perf. Michael Parloff and I Solisti New York,cond.Ransom Wilson.Alice Tully Hall,N.Y.C.)

Six Miniatures for piano right hand (1988).10′. (1rst perf. Lionel Nowak.)
Eclogue for two pianos (1988).17′. (1rst perf.Elizabeth Wright, A.Shawn.)
Two Night Pieces for viola and piano (1988).7′.(1rst perf.Jacob Glick,A.Shawn).

Four Studies piano four-hands (1989).7′.(1rst perf.Joan Stein, Betty Rosenblum).
Suite for Cello Quartet (1989).GunMar Music.18′.(1rst perf. Bennington Cello Quartet.)
Winter Sketchbook for violin and piano (1989).18′.(1rst perf.Joanna Jenner,A.Shawn.)

in time of daffodils SATB and pno.text:e.e.cummings.(1990).3′.(1rst perf. Bennington College Chorus).
A Prayer In Spring SATB ,sop. solo,children’s chorus,pno.(1990) 27′.
(1rst perf. Bennington County Choral Society,Robin Lehleitner;cond.Edwin Lawrence.)
Seven Poems by e.e.cummings (1990) 17′.(1rst perf.Jill Levis, Elaine Greenfield, VT Contemporary Music Ensemble.)
Serenade for cello and piano (1990).21′.(1rst perf. Maxine Neuman,A.Shawn).

Three Vocalises children’s chorus and pno.(1991) 5′.(1rst perf.Bennington Children’s Chorus.)
Herrick Songs for Baritone,Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass Trombone (1991).15′.(1rst perf. Donald Collup,David Titcomb et al.Merkin Hall,N.Y.C.)
Three Little Pieces for soprano saxophone and piano (1991).7′.(1rst perf. Steven Stusek,Michael Arnowitt.)
Waltz in C for ten celli (1991).4′.
Blues and Boogie for cello and piano (1991).GunMar Music 9′.(1rst perf.Maxine Neuman,A.Shawn.)
Sextet for piano and winds (1991).22′.(1rst perf. Ann Schein and Aspen Wind Quintet.New School for Social Research,N.Y.C.)pub.TrevCo Music

Song of the Tango Bird for flute and piano (1992). 8′. GunMar Music.(1rst perf. Su Lian Tan,A.Shawn.Middlebury College,Middlebury,Vt.
Three Reveries (1992) 10′. piano solo(1rst perf.A.Shawn.)
Terpsichord for clarinet,alto saxophone,violin,cello and piano (1992).16′ (1rst perf.Steven Stusek and VT Contemporary Music Ensemble.St.Pauls Church,Burlington,VT.)

What Is The Beautiful? (text by Kenneth Patchen) for speaker,cello and piano (1993) 14′.(1rst perf. Robert J.Lurtsema,Douglas Moore, Susan Aceto.North Adams State College Centenial Celebration).
Passacaglia (1993) organ 10′.
Lamento,Scherzo and Aria in memory of Lou viola solo (1992) 12′ (1rst perf. Jacob Glick Bates College American Music Festival).
Piano Trio (1993) 18′.(1rst perf. Joanna Jenner,Maxine Neuman, Elizabeth Wright.)

Hanerot Halalu (These Holy Lights) children’s chorus,pno.text in Hebrew (1994) 3′(1rst performance Bennington Children’s Chorus)
The Rainbow two pianos eight-hands (1994).5′.(1rst perf.Daniel Epstein, Polly VenderLinde,Joan Forsyth,Lynn Raley.Sonatina School of Music).
Music for flute,clarinet and piano-(Hommage to Les Six) (1994) 16′.(1rst performance Catherine and Helen Saunders.)
Five Preludes (1994) 17′. piano solo.(1rst perf.A.Shawn).
Suite Parisienne piano four-hands (easy upper part).(1994).8′.pub.Galaxy Music
Three Dance Portraits piano four-hands (1994) 8′ (1rst perf. Betty Rosenblum, Joan Stein.) pub.E.C.Schirmer
Dreamscape for oboe,bassoon,violin and cello (1994).12′.(1rst perf. Metropolitan Opera Chamber Players.) pub. TrevCo Music
Episodes for cello and piano (1994).16′.(1rst perf. Maxine Neuman, A.Shawn)

The Frozen Lake for Soprano,Violin and Piano (1995). 20′. poems by Robert Frost. (1rst perf. Ida Faiella,Barry Finclair,A. Shawn – First Unitarian Church, Albany, N.Y.)
Letter to a Friend (1995) piano solo. 15′ (1rst perf. A. Shawn)
Growl piano solo (1995).3′.
Esercizio for two pianos (after Scarlatti) (1995). 6′. (1rst perf. Willie Finckel, A. Shawn; Bennington College)

Remember? for two pianos (1996) 4′ 30″ (1rst Performance: Amy Williams and Allen Shawn)
Journal for flute,guitar and cello (1996). (1rst perf. Trio Odino,Denmark). 12′
Sleepless Night (for string quartet) (1996). 17′. (1rst perf. Manchester Music Festival 2 /12/00.)
Romances for violin and piano (1996). 14′ (1rst perf. Barry Finclair/A.Shawn Greenwich House, NYC.)
Elixir for string orchestra (1996). (1rst perf. VT Symphony Orchestra/ Kate Tamarkin, conductor). 12′ pub. E.C. Schirmer
Ancestors (1996) for 3 solo celli, 2 clarinets, violin, harp, timpani, celli and double basses. 14’. (1rst. perf. Windham Orchestra, Zon Eastes, cond.)

Candles clarinet solo (1997) 5’. (1rst performance. Helen Saunders, Greenwich House NYC)
Eclectic Suite for flute and Piano (1997) 14’. (1rst. perf. Beth Anderson, Dorthy Karlson, Weill Recital Hall, NYC.)
Three Pieces for Children [1. a Walk with Annie 2. Dusk 3. Spring Fever] (1997). 6’.

The Ant and the Grasshopper (1998) libretto by Penny Orloff. 25’. SAT and ensemble of nine instruments. (1rst. perf Redmond Children’s Theater; Redmond,Washington.)
Recollections (1998) piano solo. 13’. (1rst perf. Daniel Epstein).
For Lili Boulanger (1998)for twelve cellos. 8’. (1rst Perf. Manchester Music Festival.)

Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (1999). 21’. (1rst perf. Sage City Symphony, Maxine Neuman, cellist; Michael Finckel, cond. May 1999).
Piano Concerto (1997-1999) 24’. (1rst perf. Ursula Oppens, pianist;Albany Symphony, conducted by David Alan Miller. March, 2000.)
Boogie Woogie (1983/1999), Lonely Rag (1983/1999), Pas de Deux (1993/1999) for Oxford “A Dance Album” collection. piano solos.
Hide Not Thy Face From Me for Soprano, Baritone, Oboe and Strings (1998-9). 19’(1rst Perf. Cooper Union, NYC. Jan., 2000)

Five Pieces for Two Pianos (1995-2000). [1. Esercizio.
2. Remember? 3. Contrapuntal Waltz 4. Bells 5. Bluesdream] 25’. (first perf. Williams-Bugallo Piano Duo/Longy School of Music/2/1/01)
Two Pieces for english horn, two bassoons, cello and double bass. (May, 2000). 7’. (first perf. Bennington Chamber Music Conference, Aug. 2000.)
Birthday Music brass quintet. (July, 2000). 10 ’. (first perf. atlantic quintet, bennington college.)

Wind Quintet No. 2 (Jan. 1,2001). fl, ob, cl in B flat, hn, bsn. 13’.
Nocturne for Yoshiko (Feb. 1, 2001). piano solo. 6’. (1rst performance Yoshiko Sato, feb. 25, 2001 Longy School.)
¬And in the air these sounds…for baritone voice and orchestra. (May–August, 2001). words by Jamaica Kincaid. 33’. Monterey Symphony conducted by Kate Tamarkin; Clayton Brainerd, baritone.
Dark Song (Nov. , 2001) bass clarinet and piano. 5’. Steve Klimowski, bass clarinet; Vermont Contemprorary Music Ensemble.

String Quartet No. 4 (Jan. 2002). 17’. Music From Salem Quartet.
Music for Pat (May, 2002). 6’. oboe solo.
Childhood Scenes (July, 2002) piano solo 17’. Yoshiko Sato, piano.
Two Dances (August, 2002). violin, cello, piano. 7’. for the Norwich Music Festival.
Mosaic (Dec. 2002) chamber orchestra
[fl. ob. cl. bsn. hrn. perc. hrp. strings] 16’
the Albany Symphony Orchestra, David Alan Miller, conductor

Games (Jan. 2003) flute and clarinet. 6’ for Beth Anderson.
Three Impressions (May, 2003) piano and wind quintet. 12 ‘. Kinhaven Music School. pub. TrevCo Music
From the Sad Café (June, 2003) cello and guitar. 12’ 30’ The Claremont Duo.
Four Bagatelles (Dec. 26, 2003). 7:30’ Bassoon and Piano.2004
I Would Marry You (2004) words by Perry Brass. 4’.
Songs from Nothing (2004) 7’ words by John Cage

Five Orchestral Scenes (2005) 25’.pub. E.C. Schirmer

In Memory Of (July, 2006) clarinet, violin, cello, piano. 24 ‘
Three Nightscapes ( 2006) 15’flute, clarinet, piano.
Messages (2006) 10’

A Chorale and Two Dances (2007) 13’ trumpet and piano
Piano Sonata No. 2 (2007) 19’
Piano Sonata No. 3 (2007) 13’
Three Elegies (2007) 14’
Nostalgic Pieces (2007) 8’

A Chorale and Two Dances [version for violin and piano] (2008) 13′ violin and piano

Five Miniatures for two cellos (2009)
Violin Concerto (2008-9) 28’
Piano Sonata No. 4 (2009) 20’

Rhapsody for Violin and Piano (18’)

Fantasy for Piano Four-Hands (2011) 14′
Five Poems of Georg Trakl (2011) 13′
Waltz for two violins 5′

Three Pieces for Cello and Piano 12′

Suite Parisienne–expanded version Piano four-hands 13′
Five Piano Pieces (1.fantasiestück (insect dream) 2.scherzo no. 1  3.blumenstück 4.scherzo no. 2 5.wiegenlied (lullaby) piano solo 15′ (rev. 2015)
Wind Quintet No. 3 18′ (pub. TrevCo Music)
Pas de Deux [Flute and Double Bass] Sue Ann Kahn and Lewis Paer-11′

Three Poems of Lawrence Ferlinghetti [ soprano and piano] 10′

Vermont Fanfare (orchestra) 60 seconds-Vermont Symphony Orchestra- pub. E.C.Schirmer
Three Poems of Hagiwara Sakutaro [soprano, flute, oboe, violin cello, guitar/mandolin, guitar] Cygnus Ensemble-25′
Piano Sonata No. 5 [piano solo]–20′
Cello Notebook [Cello and Piano] Nathaniel Parke-25′
Three Etudes [piano solo] Eunbi Kim-10′
Two Poems [bass clarinet and cello] Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble-6′

Donnerbach Mühle [voice and harp-poem by René Char] Mary Cleary Lewis 7 ‘

Etudes [piano solo] (Three Etudes + Etudes 4-9) 22′
Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra 23′ Erik Behr and the Rochester Philharmonic, Ward Stare, conductor
Sonatina for flute and harp 13′ Sue Ann Kahn and Susan Jolles
The Table and the Chair [soprano and marimba–words by Edward Lear]-5′

Concerto No. 2 for Cello and Orchestra 23′ Nathaniel Parke and the Berkshire Symphony