Listening – 1978 to 1989

(photo: Alex Burgess)

(photo: Alex Burgess)

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from Cabaret Music (1978), mvt. 1 [Albany Records CD Troy 683]
from Nocturnes for piano and chamber orchestra (1978), mvt. 3. 1987 performance. Recording: A.Shawn, Piano; Vermont Symphony, conducted by Ephraim Guigui
from Four Jazz Preludes (1980, mvt. II A. Shawn, piano [Albany Records CD Troy 317]
from Piano Sonata No. 1, mvt. 1. A. Shawn, piano [Albany Records CD Troy 1346]
from The Music Teacher (1983)—“Locket Aria” opening: Jeffrey Picon, tenor-[Bridge Records CD9248]
from The Music Teacher (1983)—“The Night Stands Still” opening-Jeffrey Picon , Tenor; Sarah Wolfson, Soprano [Bridge Records CD 9248]
from Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano (1984), mvt.3—David Krakauer, clarinet; Maxine Neuman, cello; A. Shawn, piano [Opus One CD 157]
from Woodwind Quintet (1985), mvt. 2-Aspen Wind Quintet [Bay Cities CD 1030]
from Partita for oboe and piano (1987)—mvt. 6 (gigue)—performance recording: John Ferillo, oboe; A. Shawn, piano
from Symphony in Three Parts (1987), mvt. 1; performance; Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Christopher Seaman, conductor.
from Suite for Cello Quartet (1989)—mvt. 2-Bennington Cello Quartet-[Opus One CD 148]
from Winter Sketchbook for violin and piano (1989), mvt. 5—Joanna Jenner, violin; A. Shawn, piano [Opus One CD 157]